Thursday, 29 March 2012

Time for correction....S&P-DAX-GALE

 S&P has been rejected at the upward trend line noted yesterday. A pull back towards 1400 was also mentioned at yesterdays analysis and it seems that a bounce is coming now. I believe the consolidation and the sideways movement will continue today and tomorrow with an upward bias. Next week I see new highs.

DAX will probably hold 6900 and retest 7150. A sideways correction with more bias to higher prices is more probable for me. If support is broken then the correction will take more time imho.

 Since the markets are correcting or moving sideways, I tend to pay more attention to selected stocks that  I think will have a better risk/return ratio. GALE used to be a favorite of mine at 1,50 were I entered.At 2,45 I exited and saw it rising up to 3$. Now I believe it might have finished its correction and ready to test the highs. Be very carefull if you decide to trade this stock....very volatile.


  1. Alex nice stock picks...I bought THLD yesterday and GALE as it pulled back yesterday towards 2$.MAKO looks superbullish to me and I got in light but the other two will surely give me good profits fast. Keep it up. Can you give me an e-mail so I can contact you directly? I live in Greece and would like to know if we could cooperate.

  2. thanks...todays pre-market is super bullish for GALE and THLD. I sold already half of my position. This is my e-mail: