Thursday, 15 March 2012

EURUSD, DAX, GOLD and the mighty AAPL

EURUSD is at a critical juncture. It is very close at breaking an important low (1,2975). Trend remains down although this might still be a wave ii as depicted on the chart. For the bullish scenario to increase its chances of survival euro must hold the low and break 1,3125 and 1,32 decisively.

Dax continues to move according to plan. 6840 is the first support that should not break if the rise is to continue now. 6600 should not break for the 5th wave to have more upside potential.

Gold moving sideways for some time now. The green lines represent my important points of resistance and support that if broken prices will trend. In the meantime stop for short positions is
closer, thus I favor a move towards 1550.

AAPL is something extraordinary. It reminds me last years silver move. Although I don't believe it will have the same ending.  516$ low is important for the long term and 547$ for the short term. Sky is the limit for this stock. 

PS. I don't want to be there when it reverses. But I want to continue riding this train!!!


  1. AAPL is just a bubble!!!nothing more...I'm not touching it....

  2. watch it today as it will break and stay above 600$...I buy it at every dip it makes and manage to sell at profit...wonderful stock!!