Tuesday, 20 March 2012


 EURUSD I believe it has finished 5 waves upwards from the lows near 1,30. Our first wave scenario posted some days ago still holds as long as 1,2975 holds.
Gold looks like it is consolidating and finding support at the 200 exponential MA. Still moving sideways looking from far away with a short term down trend being stronger for now. Support at 13630-50 will make buyers try to push higher.
INLOT was also mentioned in my weekend update. It has pushed out of the short term downward channel and stays above for the time being. 0,75 next resistance and I see it can be reached soon. 

PS. Together with INLOT, BOC is another favorite in my portfolio from Friday. Those two I see outperforming the next few days. For shorter term trades I could also have EUROB under serious consideration.


  1. thanks for the trade idea in THLD. I followed you yesterday on twitter and sold it near the highs and bought near the bottom....Keep up the good work.I like your blog.

  2. Alex why didn't you post GALE?

  3. I didn't because I thought it was too risky to post on the blog, thats why I only mentioned it in our conversation. Pharmaceuticals are very risky and volarile when it comes to drug approvals.

  4. BOC was disappointing today due to the rumors regarding the IPO. I exited when I saw your twit!!!I'll better stay away for now until things clear up. The reversal today was catastrophic.