Sunday, 14 April 2013

How I made 23K $ profit with 1000$ margin for every trade

This post is created in order to show our performance during the 3 first months of our active trading. In these photos you can see our trade history according to our exclusive for members tweets and our newsletter. You don't have to take our word for can become a member for 1 week for FREE!!! Try us and you can see for yourself our previous tweets and receive all our services for 1 week free with no other obligation.

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We don't focus on only one market. We trade a wide range of products as opportunities arise. Some times certain products remain trendless and do not provide a good trade opportunity. That's why I examine possible trades across a wide variety of products.

Above you will be able to see our performance from late January, when our website became active, to early April. All trades are made using CFDs and a maximum margin of 1000$ per trade. I chose to trade with cfds because one can trade even the SPX or DAX without having to trade the futures contracts that are big and require a bigger margin. Moreover, in these trades, cfd interest is not calculated. Prices however include the cfd commission charged by the broker and cfd interest is a very small fraction as most trades are closed within 1day or 2.

Although we trade across a wide variety of products, we don't over expand this range as we will lose focus. We have selected a few products from each class ( Metals, Forex, stocks, indices) and we focus our analysis everyday on these products.

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