Thursday, 23 August 2012

Has GBPUSD finished its upward move?

One of my blog followers wanted my view on GBPUSD. So I will share with you today just a few words for this pair.

From the elliott wave perspective, the pair is close or at the end of its upward correction. It has reached the 61,8% retracement after the impulsive move from 1,63 to 1,52 area. The upward correction is clearly in 3 waves and does not look impulsive. This move could already be over. A trend change downwards is expected soon. A move above 1,61 would diminish chances for the bearish scenario. Short term trend is upward but with a lot of possibility to end if not already ended. Things to watch: Top is imminent. Five lower degree waves down could be the first sign of trend change. 

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