Thursday, 14 June 2012

S&P next stop at 1370 or 1260?

S&P has managed the last 3 sessions to fool both bears and bulls. After the sharp upward movement from 1270 to 1335, the index is consolidating between 1305-1330. Taking into consideration wave (III) and (IV) as the left shoulder, wave (V) as the head and the recent consolidation as the right shoulder, if the neckline at 1330-35 is broken then the target is 1370 cash. Apart from this inverted H&S pattern, the upper pitchfork resistance also lies at the same level as the neckline that needs to be broken for a rally to happen.

On the other hand, intraday analysis of the last 3 sessions, shows another H&S pattern that if broken downwards the decline will be steep. For this bearish scenario to come true, the neckline of the bearish H&S at 1305-1300 must break. Target of this H&S is 1260-70.

According to our most possible wave count, we expect the inverted H&S to materialise and the index to finally break 1330-35 and move towards 1370. That will most probably be the end of  wave 2. New highs above 1422 cancel this very bearish scenario.

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