Tuesday, 15 May 2012

FAZ-SH-AAPL update

FAZ is an option if someone wants to take advantage of the falling markets without being involved with derivatives. A double bottom formation with a new high yesterday may be the start of a new upward move. Buyers should have low 20s as a stop.
 The same stands for SH (Pro Shares S&P Short). It is very similar to the inverted chart of the S&P. If someone doesn't feel comfortable with derivatives, then this is a good option. A 2$ stop at the lows of 35$ is important for any one who buys it. It is the same as having a stop in S&P at the high of 1415. However we should take under serious consideration that 1340 is being strongly tested for some time now and it still holds. Upward break should be traded imho.
AAPL scenario of H&S is now cancelled and soon the 555$ lows will be tested and most probably broken. Next support/target is 536-503$ and then 450$. A trend change would occur most probably when AAPL breaks 576$.

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