Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Quick update:S&P will test 1370 soon

S&P yesterday did leave bulls with some chances that the correction is over. For me it was a chance to sell again. I see 1370 being tested soon. If broken next support 1350-40 (previous 4th?). AAPL is working nicely as a hedging tool to my shorts. So as long as it holds above 600 I will be buying the dips with a target of 700 at least. 
Greek banks rallied around 25-30% today. Rising volume and rising prices. Last week's lows should hold and never break again until February highs are taken first(If we are in a C wave). So any correction could be a buy opportunity or for more aggressive investors you should have entered today and hold your positions until the lows are broken. 

Sorry for the absence of charts but I'm away on vacation and I just have a glimpse on what is going on and only have time to manage my clients. Next week I will be back in the office and have more time to analyse some charts for you. For now I try to enjoy my vacation taking some profit too. Have a nice week to all and happy easter.

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