Monday, 12 December 2011

Bulls vs Bears....confused?

Markets last week managed to break down and then pull back up. Near the recent highs, markets are without clear trend and direction. Bulls see a pause in the upward trend, bears see a top forming ready to collapse. 

Wouldn't it be wise to just wait and see, the direction the market will take and just ride along? Selling near the highs and buying near the bottom would be ideal with near stop orders. Even reverse stop orders could prove very profitable!....but also very risky....SPX broke the 1244 triple bottom only to come back and close near its highs!!! Bears confused! Bulls were expecting good news from the european summit to push even higher the markets but start this week with a very weak eurusd that may foretell more market weakenss. 1240 If lost again, we may see 1200 very fast!!

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