Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Greek shares have bottomed....or this is a trap?

Greek shares are at their lowest levels for almost the last 20 years. The last few weeks were very interesting. The prices are pressured, pessimism about greek economy is at its peak....everyone expects greece to default and influence negatively the rest of europe and then the US. Debt crisis as most commonly known....

So why Greek shares rally? Oversold and nobody wanted them two weeks ago. Is this a trend changing point or just a fake rally before the final plunge? If this is a trend changing point, assuming that prices are pricing in good news to come in the future regarding the debt crisis, then this is a great opportunity to buy undervalued stocks. But there is always a but.....this might be the last upward correction for the final 5th wave down for greek stocks....either way opportunities to make profit are here. Greek stocks are alive once again and promise great volatility ahead. For more info about Greek stocks contact me.

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