Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What did members of TRADING2DAY receive?

Monday was a day with high volatility and bears making a strong comeback after the picture regarding the Italian elections got clearer. Early in the morning we sent our view on GOLD. We were bullish on a possible breakout of the 1587$ high/resistance. If that was to happen, we would buy with 1602 as target and 1570 as stop.

 The above chart is what our members received. As time passed by saw the resistance being broken. Today we closed our position at 1601$ after raising our stops from 1570 to 1581 and then to 1588. But Gold reached our target as shown in the last chart we sent.

 Additionally we opened a short position in SPX right when [gs bulls] were feeling that they were wining the battle. The screenshot below shows the exclusive for members tweet regarding my view  for S&P.

We all know what happened next. Prices plummeted to 1487, giving us a 1650$ profit per contract (or 50 cfds)  when closed at 1490. Not bad for a days work eh?
This is just a small picture of what happened yesterday. You can join for only 79,95$ per month and take advantage of our analysis. Subscribe now

Friday, 15 February 2013

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